Lean Six Sigma goes Process Excellence


The Trend in Process Excellence

For decades now, process excellence knowledge has made its way into companies around the world mostly by means of class-room training. Today, this trend is going toward the online and e-learning environment.


The key to successful Process Excellence e-Learning
Yes, we know there are a lot of free process excellence MOOCs out there, but they are usually… well, not exactly interactive and fun (and they are hardly an option for companies). Instead, we think that blended solutions provide the highest value to learners.

BASE + ifss
BASE has teamed up with ifss Process Excellence, a management consulting firm, to deliver outstanding e-Learning modules for Process Excellence blended learning solutions. We combine the know-how of expert trainers and consultants with the advantages of e-Learning.

Blended learning: 2+2=5

Blended learning means that learners receive part of the learning content in the classroom and part of it in an e-Learning environment.
With a blended solution, learners profit from the advantages of conventional classroom training (personal interaction with an experienced trainer, questions and answers, immediate personal feedback, etc.), while benefiting from the e-Learning advantages (more flexibility, repetition of content as often as necessary, etc.). As a result, the blended solution provides a better learning experience than both classroom or e-learning individually.


An optimal process excellence e-learning  path


We have designed a specific learn path with ifss to get the most out of your process excellence training. Our blended learn path contains:

Process Excellence

Classroom training with an experienced trainer

  • Group-training units on tools, methods and history of process excellence
  • Simulations, case studies and practical exercises
  • Feedback on project work, 1-on-1 in-class coaching and Q&A
Process Excellence

Additional e-Learning content and modules

  • Training preparation and awareness modules
  • Specific, in-depth tools in short-focused modules
  • Social interaction elements online

Create awareness with e-Awareness

Our e-Awareness training is the best option to train any number of employees in the basics of process excellence. The e-Awareness training is a 100% stand-alone e-learning module that gives you an unlimited scalability.

The e-Awareness training allows you to:

  • Train any number of employees in your company at very low cost
  • Profit from standard content and modules saving you the trouble of starting from scratch
  • Add customized elements to give the training the look and feel that you want

Social Elements

Want to benefit even more? We also provide you with social learning environments to give your learners the greatest learn effect.